Best Crystal Stones For Full Moon In Aquarius

Vanel Louidor
5 min readAug 11, 2022
Full Moon Stones

The Full moon 🌕 is upon us this week. And Ironically the moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius ♒️, the water bearer. Because we are in the age of Aquarius, now is really the time for the collective consciousness \ Light Workers to do their part to help ascend the vibration of Gaia, this lovely place we call earth. When our heart chakra is fully aligned with love is when we can be of service to heal ourselves, our family, people around us and ultimately the world.

It is with kindness and forgiveness through an open heart chakra that makes this possible. This full moon makes it the ideal time for that. Full moon is always the best time to let go of any negative innerG that no longer serves us. By doing this we prepare ourselves for the new phase for the following month.

This full moon falls on August 11&12 and is called The Sturgeon Moon. This name comes from the sturgeon fish that farmers catch in the month of August in the Great Lakes. It’s also the last super moon for the year.

With the full moon being in Aquarius it is a reminder to be grateful for our harvest, and the changes that is getting ready to come as we approach the end of summer next month and going into the fall. Also the Aquarius moon will help us with the inner exploration to help define who we are.

These four crystal stone will be a great tool to assist us with this full moon in Aquarius.



First Stone we have is aquamarine. Aquamarine is a water element stone and is associated with the Heart & throat chakra.

They usually come in two colors Blue and green. Aquamarine brings a cool and calm relaxing innerG to our being, allowing us to tap into our subconscious mind where the true magic happens with spirit.

When it comes to communication aqua marina helps to open and Remove blockages that we may have in our throat chakra. If you’re shy to speak Aquamarine empowers you to speak your truth in a calm, gentle & compassionate way.

A great exercise that will help with speaking Is going outside barefoot on the grass, standing tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Then you want to bounce on your tippy toe going up & down with your heal coming down forcefully to the ground repeatedly. Do this while chatting OM. Let the vibration resonate in your throat up to your crown chakra.

This exercise can also be done for grounding ones InnerG. Speaking on grounding this next stone will do just that.



This Aquarius full moon 🌕 will propel us to double down and have us to focus on our Inner world. The innerG that this full moon has is for clearing out old & stagnant innerG that no longer serves us to make space for the new harvest that is to come. We have to let go of the old to make space for the new.

Hematite helps us to envision what it is that we want out of life, & out of ourselves to manifest from the higher realms to make tangible in our physical existence. It enhances will power & confidence to make this happen.

Hematite reinforces our connection to the earth and gives us the strength, endurance & focus that we need for bringing our ideas into existence. Although hematite is related to the root chakra it can also be used for the mind & assist us with our creative process.

Wearing hematite as jewelry or just having it on us eliminate negative energy and transmute it into love. Not only is hematite a great stone for grounding but it is an amazing stone for manifesting.



During this Aquarius full moon the collective consciousness may be called to transform themselves and give themselves in upgrade. This can look different along the spectrum. This Amethyst will help guide us through our inner journey of introspection.

Amethyst is a stone for the third eye and the Crown Chakra. It is a very versatile stone for the spiritual, emotional, physical body. It is said If placed on our 3rd eye in Meditation, amethyst will aid in surrendering to the divine self, allowing a consistent flow of downloads. Beginners are usually drawn to amethyst because of it’s beautiful purple hue. As a light worker amethyst is a must have to help in our spiritual journey.

Amethyst clears our mind and activates the higher mind allowing better clarity to solve any issues we may have. Because amethyst is great for clearing mental energy it is said that it aids in removing fog that we may have to any addiction we may be struggling with. How true is that I can’t tell you. God knows how many addiction I have. Lol



Our next Stone is Green emerald. It is a Stone associated with the heart chakra. As this Aquarius full moon approaches us, remember to be kind to ourselves while we take this time to go within for self reflection.

Green Emerald reflex the divine nature of love and compassion while on this spiritual journey. It helps us to operate from the frequency of love. If a person is going through heartbreak Green emerald can help soothe that pain, by stimulating the heart and removing pain and blockages.

Sometimes we tend to be hard on ourselves, for whatever reason that may be. Because emerald is associated with the heart chakra it creates and hold space for us to have more love & compassion with our self.

Love on yourself & hug yourself. Green emerald is there to hold space for you. Crystals has powerful energetic properties. And the best time to get the best out of them is now… approaching & during a full moon.

Peace, Love, & Light

“Vibrate High & Don’t Forget To Hug Yourself”

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