Vanel Louidor
6 min readMar 12, 2022


Soul Manifestation / 7 Stones for Spirit and Soul

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The energy that is flowing into our atmosphere is the energy of manifestation. Whatever we desire keep our 3rd eye on it. Because our thoughts are things it will allow anything to materialize when we repeat the vision in our mind's eye. This is our mind as a hologram.

We can connect to our spirit of light to help with this whole process of soul manifesting. We can call upon our spirit of light to plant in our subconscious mind actionable items for our plans to manifest what we desire. This is my list of the seven stones that we can work with if we are looking to boost our soul's purpose. Make contact with spirits guide, and travel the planes of existence.

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1. Quartz Crystal: Clear Quartz is the best all-purpose stone. It can be programmed to whatever intention you would like. It enhances inter-dimensional communication as well as communication with one’s higher self and Spirit Guides. Clear Quartz also helps with manifestation & the development of spiritual gifts and helps us to find our true inner light. It is a multidimensional stone for meditation and really diving deep in our journey. Quartz will allow any image or message projected from the mind or one's higher self to become clear and lucid, aiding one to take a deeper journey inward toward the self.

One of the ways I like to use Quartz Crystal is by increasing the power of my imagination, communication with the subconscious mind & spirit guides. Because it is an amplifier it is easy to pick up all the surrounding InnerG’s (that's right I spelled InnerG right) around it. That makes it important to clean it every other day are so. Crystal Quartz can be used to clear and stimulate all the chakra systems and energy points in the body. It is especially useful in working with the heart and the third eye. Crystal Quartz by far is my to-go stone.

*Clear Quartz Affirmation: I am connected to the divine knowledge & wisdom of the universe*

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2. Amethyst: is one of the most spiritual stones. Amethyst healing properties create the right environment for self-development and spiritual enlightenment. It enhance cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Amethyst help stimulates the third eye and etheric chakras. This crystal attracts positive energy and helps in removing negative emotions such as fear, depression, and anxiety. We benefit tremendously with the power that Amethyst has. It increase the mental focus by amplifying the creative elements of the universal life force in us.

*Amethyst Affirmation: I am calm, relaxed & peaceful in mind, body & spirit*

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3. Pyrite Stone: is a very positive stone that amplifies the energy around it. Pyrite aids us in so many ways. It stimulates the flow of ideas by helping to facilitate and amplify abilities and potential. Great stone if you have projects & goals that are being worked on. Pyrite is one of the many stones for our 3rd chakra, (solar plexus) which is where our creativity flows from. The Pyrite properties are also known as fools gold.

Pyrite spiritual meaning: Known as a stone of luck, it can assist us to attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity into our lives. Pyrite helps manifests our dream with the InnerG that it possess and gives us encouragement to follow through with our dreams. This quality makes Pyrite excellent for grid work and rituals.

*Pyrite Affirmation: I am successful in all my goals & endeavors*

4. Selenite: This soft, but powerful mineral is extremely important for stabilizing and balancing the emotional body. Selenite helps to remove all energy blockages in the body. It actives and open the 3rd eye, crown chakra, and the Soul Star chakra above the head. Selenite has the ability to lift our awareness to higher plans to meet our spirit guides & guardian angels. Selenite is accommodating to us as we work with the spirit world; because it removes mental blockages and helps to connect the flow of energy between ourselves and the spirit world; which we are working with.

Lower frequency entities are not likely to stick around when we take out a Selenite wand. It can be placed around the home to ward off beings that do not serve our higher self. What is perhaps the most surprising benefits of working with Selenite is its ability to help us maintain density when worn.

* A great selenite affirmation that I use is “I am one with myself, the earth, and the universe”

5. Unakite: Jasper comes in many varieties, Unakite being one of them. Each variation of Jasper possesses a unique set of abilities. Unakite properties help with eliminating bad habits, & release old emotional wounds. All Jaspers carry with them the energetic properties of wholeness, completion, and deep connection. Jaspers are also particularly good at helping us make sense of the often-confusing road of life.

They also aid in all forms of astral or psychic flight and are known to boost the natural abilities found in each of us. Unakite allows us to create the opportunity for attunement with the higher self. Jasper stimulates all chakras. Unakite opens the third eye and promotes visualization and psychic vision.

* Unakite affirmation: I let go of all emotional wounds, & I flourish my heart's desire*

6. Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline properties cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances the Chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body. Black Tourmaline is also known for bringing balance to the mental and physical world. Tourmaline transmutes negative thought patterns into positive ones, encouraging a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances. Tourmaline is associated with1st chakra Root Chakra.

Black tourmaline gemstone is a powerful mental healer, balancing the right/left hemispheres of the brain and brings the mental processes, the chakras, and the bio magnetic body into alignment. Tourmaline healing properties would be a great stone to wear as jewelry.

*Black Tourmaline Affirmation: I ground myself to the earth & release negative emotion that no longer serves me.*

7. Lapis-Lazuli: Is a blue stone with gold flecks the key to spiritual attainment. It opens the Third Eye Chakra, encourages enlightenment, enhances psychic ability, facilitates spiritual journeying, stimulates personal and spiritual power. It also contact our spirit guardian and strengthens our dream. To the ancient Egyptians, Lapis-Lazuli has been a beloved ally for thousands of years. Lapis meaning is known for its ability to help us make sense of deeper spiritual and philosophical concepts.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier. It stimulates the higher faculties of the mind, bringing objectivity and clarity. Lapis is one of the most popular stones for practitioners to work with. It works well at activating all chakras, particularly the heart, throat, and third eye, making it excellent at assisting the endocrine, muscular, and skeletal systems.

*Lapis Lazuli Affirmation; I am connected to my guides *